A close up of a dog

An Illumination Of Bright Light: Why You Must Have Pets


A pet is an animal that is tamed and lives with humans. They are is not used for eating or is bound to work. A pet is an animal that is kept by people for pleasure, companionship and friendship. A human pet relationship can be called a symbiotic relationship. People generally keep pets for entertainment that they give them, such as cats, dogs and horses, but this feeling of companionship appears to be mutual in their relationship. This association benefits both human beings and animals. Pets are a part of almost every culture, and people have been keeping pets since prehistoric times. Having a pet satisfies a profound and universal need of human beings.

Perks of having pets

    • Having a pet, be it a cat or a dog, will affect your mental health positively. They support your mental well-being.
    • You form a companionship with your pet. There may be times when you feel alone or grieving your pet will be there for you in a permanent relationship even if other associations are lost.
    • Pets can also reduce stress. Stress can be caused by anything; workload, homework pile up, and pets are cheerful and petting them or just having them by your side will cheer you up.
    • Having a pet means you need to give them your constant attention by feeding them, taking them on walks and playing with them. You have someone you care for the most.
    • Be it any pet, they are cute. With big bright eyes, big smile, floppy ears and lovely toes they light up the world of their owner. Many researches have shown that pets can reduce severe mental health in people.

Characteristics of a pet

    • Companion animals – These animals usually stay inside or out-of-doors. They go on journeys and vacations with their owners. They can vary from reptiles and birds to dogs and horses. These animals differ according to their owner’s being. 
    • Production animals – They requires special grooming, care and training. Contemplating to pet these animals takes a huge amount of commitment from the people. There are numerous rewards of owning these animals, along with great responsibility and expenses. 
    • Job animals – These pets are kept for hunting, guiding the blind or herding the sheep. Here, options are very few. 

Some most common pets petted by human beings

    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Horses
    • Fishes
    • Rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs and more)
    • Ferrets 
    • Lagomorphs ( hares, pikas, rabbits and more)
    • Birds ( peacocks, parrots, parakeets and more)
    • Reptiles (snake, leopard gecko and more)
    • Anthropods (hermit crab, tarantula and more)
    • Elephants 

Having a pet can support your health physically. Especially, dogs need to go on frequent walks or runs, and if the dog is running or walking, so are you. It keeps you healthy and fit. They also give you immunity from allergies. Pets love you unconditionally. They give us positive energy with should not be taken for granted.