A close up of a football ball

What is Fantasy Football?


Bound by a common desire, (sticking it to their friends and rival team fans) every man, woman, and adolescent has the privilege and opportunity to partake in this genuine and gratifying form of entertainment.

While most of us fall short of being able to purchase an NFL franchise, fantasy football enables us to own and operate our very own team made up of real-life NFL players. Earn tmoney and support your favorite teams by playing simple and interactive games at ufabet login.

Captivated by the similarities of being an NFL owner, GM, scout, and even a coach, fantasy football offers interactive solution to fulfill each and every NFL fan’s needs. This powerful combination enables us as fans to draft talent from actual NFL teams and compete against friends or foes based on actual NFL player performances. You could also whip out your wilson tennis rackets and support your favorite team. 

How it works:

Some leagues allow you to purchase prize eligible teams with performance based incentives’, however, most leagues offer gratuitous services. A vast majority of leagues are made up of 10 owners, but it is not uncommon to see eight or even 12 owners in one league. If you (the owner) are playing online fantasy football, you can join multiple public leagues created by others fans.

Typically, fantasy football leagues are head-to-head leagues, which means, you will go against one other team each and every week. It’s kind of like the saying “I don’t have to out run the bear, just the person next to me.” You don’t have to score the most points each week out of the entire league; you just have to beat the one opponent you are against.

Every touchdown made, rushing yard gained, passing yard achieved, and field goals kicked accumulate statistics which translates to points, for you. Other stats including defense and special teams also accumulate points for you. The roster you have fielded for that coming week decides whether or not you will win, based on real-life actual performance of the NFL players you have selected.

Every week during the NFL season, you (the owner) will select your starting lineup. Usually, a lineup consists of (1) QB, (2) HB, (2) WR, (1) HB/WR, (1) TE, (1) K, and (1) Defense. You will field a lineup, and compete each week against a different opponent. League standings are similar to that of the NFL’s. Every week you will either get a win, or a loss (sometimes a tie). It’s imperative to field the best team possible, so you aren’t the one on the outside looking in at the owners in the playoffs. Playoffs usually start the 13th or 14th week in fantasy football of the 17 week NFL season.

Excitement. Nervousness. Perhaps you are even a little afraid. These are all normal and common emotions experienced by new owners to fantasy football, but don’t worry, stay disciplined, and most importantly, have fun; And even though winning is more fun than losing, you have to remember, it’s just a game, even if it’s a fun one.