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New Castle, Pennsylvania, Local Fishing Licenses and Regulations


It’s that time of the year again when you are watching the creeks and rivers get stocked with trout. You’re looking forward to casting off and awaiting for the fish to come nibble your line. Now all you need to know is about your local regulations and licenses information before you end up with hefty fines for fishing wrongly. Earn the money to comply to these regulations by playing simple and interactive betting games at 먹튀 검증.

The Fishing License: It only takes a small amount of time to purchase a fishing license this can be obtained by ordering one online, by mail or by going to local stores in the area that furnished fishing license. To obtain a fishing license in person you can go to:

Dukes Sport Shop Inc located at 2801 New Butler Road, New Castle PA 16101 (724) 652-6016

K Mart located at 2650 Ellwood Road, New Castle PA 16101 (724) 658-2681

Lawrence County Treasurer located at 430 Court St. New Castle PA 16101 (724) 656-2182

Wal Mart Super Center located at 2501 West State St. New Castle PA 16101 (724) 657-9390

Basic License Requirements:

  • Ages 16 and Up $22.70
  • Trout/ Salmon Stamp Ages 16 and Up $9.70
  • Senior Resident 65 and Up $11.70

Regulations: Prior to fishing you should know and understand Pennsylvania regulations on fishing. Each year these regulations have changed and it’s up to the fisherman or fisherwomen to know these laws. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission has a website that is dedicated to everything you need to know about fishing including the regulations.

One regulation that many families enjoy is the fish for free days. These take place on Saturday May 22nd and Sunday June 6th of 2020. These days are perfect to take the entire family out and introduce them to something you enjoy for free.

Regional Opening Day of Trout April 3rd 2020 the time begins at 8 am and the minimum size is 7 inches. After the 8 am opener fishing resumes to 24 hours a day. Take note that regular opening day of trout will be April 17th 2020. More details can be given at The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissions Website at this page.

Pennsylvania has special regulations that the fisherman should be aware of.

Neshanock Creek: Delayed harvest artificial lures only

Shenango River: Early season trout, stocked waters program

Cool Spring Creek: Delayed harvest artificial lures only

Bessemer Lake: Early season trout, stocked water programs