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Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of SEO Plugins



This plugin provides SEO and human-friendly content of the highest quality. As a result, the ranking of the website is improved and is easy for beginners to use.


1) Copyright Free images

2) SEO strategy accessible with ease

3) Email alerts, open graph generator, and integrated validator


1) The training materials are not sufficient

All In One

The rich snippets in these plugins provide excellent search engine assistance. All relevant information is shown through snippets.


a) Helps in the improvement of CTR (Click Through Rate)

b) Helps in a higher ranking on the search results

c) Supports a huge range of Schemas


a) The design and customization options lack the desired results

b) Does not support markup for local business

Smush Image Compression And Optimization

The enhancement and compression features of this free plugin are great.


a) Easy resize and compression possible

b) Compatible with other plugins


a) Load built-in has delays

Broken Link Checker

The exceptional feature includes broken links on the website and blogs.


a. Monitoring the links and broken links in pages, comments, blogs, etc.

b. Dashboard and mail notifications for the users

c. Easy configuration with all


a. Being open-source software, certain issues are found in the plugin

Rankie- WordPress Rank Tracker

Checking the rank of the website and the position of the keyword was never this easy. There are frequent updates of the same.


a) Monthly, annual and regular updates of ranking

b) Great keyword research tool

c) Auto Tracking and capability of using proxies


a) The design quality is not as the customers require

W3 Total Cache

The conversion rate of this plugin is highly commendable. The rankings of the site affect the responsive design.


a. Mobile support and compatible with hosting, servers, and clusters

b. Transparency in the content delivery

c. The interface is phenomenal


a. Security flaws in the noticeable disadvantage of the plugin


The redirecting and altering feature makes it one of the most suggested SEO plugins. It allows redirection in all the URLs.


a) The plugin allows pass-through and full logs of redirected URLs

b) Manual and automatic redirection possible concerning the files

c) Multiple languages available and is a localized plugin


a) The customer support of the developer lacks proper assistance

SEO Optimized Images

As the name suggests, it effectively optimizes the attributes of the images. In addition, it helps the title tags and alt tags automatically switch without any changes in the database.


a. An easy interface to use, and the switches are convenient for the users

b. Adding image name, category of the post and title of the image can be done


a. The functioning of this WordPress SEO plugin is limited

There are multiple SEO plugins for the users to choose from, and the best part is that the installation can be done in a few clicks. The packs can be researched on the internet, and one can go through the reviews of existing users.