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OCEANSIDE , CA – Manifest, a strategic marketing and creative services agency specializing in motorsports marketing serving clients such as Champ Car, the Grand Prix of Denver and RuSPORT, today announces the release of two new marketing packages aimed at the Cooper Tires Presents The Champ Car Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda and junior formula racers.

The first is specifically for Champ Car Atlantic racers and teams in the form of pre-produced marketing collateral materials to aid in the search for commercial partnerships. The principal collateral consists of a 12-page book covering all the fundamental marketing aspects of the series including background and history, 2007 schedule, and an overview of marketing opportunities with demographic and statistical information to support it. The materials can then be semi-customized to add driver and team information. Visit manifestsites.com/atlantic to view samples.

The goal is to create premium, professional marketing materials similar to what top race teams use at a cost more in line with the Atlantic series budgets. Starting at $2000, Atlantic series entrants can have access to collateral materials that would be several times more expensive if they were to be unique one-off productions. To have extra funds for marketing initiatives, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via gbcity-w.com.

“By standardizing the design and content we are able to offer materials similar in quality to what we would do for bigger budget operations but at a more reasonable cost. It’s not the same as a truly customized piece, but it is very powerful nonetheless,” said Manifest’s Aaron Justus, a former Atlantic racer in his own right. “I wish something like this would have been available when I was racing.”

The materials have received the thumbs-up from Atlantic Series Managing Director Vicki O’Connor.

“Manifest has produced some truly wonderful materials for the Champ Car Atlantic series and we are encouraging every team and driver searching for sponsorship to contact Manifest for their marketing materials,” said O’Connor.

The second offering is available to racers or teams of any level in the form of pre-built web sites. Using the same philosophy of standardizing the framework and basic design with two options to choose from that can then be semi-customized, Manifest has been able to dramatically reduce the price of a high quality web site. Included in the site is Content Management System that enables the site owner to update content as necessary in a foolproof system with no web design skills required.

The sites come with all the fundamental web components such as an image gallery, news, about, schedules, results and more. Additional components can be added as well.

Formula 2000 stalwarts Cape Motorsports were the first to purchase a new pre-built site. (capemotorsports.com)

“The Manifest pre-built site is just perfect for us and fits within a budget that is very reasonable for us. There are others out there who are offering similar products but the Manifest site really looks the part of an expensive, big-time site,” said Cape co-founder Nicholas Cape.

Manifest is a strategic marketing and creative services agency that specializes in motorsports. Clients include Champ Car, RuSPORT, Lime Rock Park, SCCA, Grand Prix of Denver and A1GP Team USA among others. To learn more about Manifest and the any of these materials visit manifestgroup.com.