A car parked in a parking lot

Places that are suitable for exterior cleaning of Baleno


Every car must be maintained properly, and it must be left for service to the authorized dealers. It must be done once in a while to improve efficiency, overall performance, and speed. For example, exterior cleaning of Baleno is done by authorized dealers of Maruti-Suzuki in the city. If you hand over your vehicle to them and inform the issues you are facing; they will make everything clearer for you at an affordable cost. The following is all you should know.

Services offered by exterior cleaning services

Various services offered by these service centres are as follows

    • Dry cleaning: It is very important to dry clean your car every month to be good. The types of dry cleaning processes are vacuum cleaning, dashboard polishing, and interior shampooing.
    • Exterior polishing: After two months after the car is bought, it might show dullness. To overcome it, you can undergo the service of exterior polishing. They provide services like a pressure car wash, compound rubbing, machine rubbing, wax polishing, tire dressing, and alloy cleaning.
    • Car wash: It involves pressure car wash of the entire vehicle that includes cleaning of bumpers, tires, glasses, doors, and every external unit of the car.
    • Interior detail cleaning: Interior dry washing, interior vacuum cleaning, and polishing are carried out under this service.
    • Anti-Rust coating: A thick rubberized paint is coated on the surface of the car body to prevent it from oxidation and rusting.
    • Teflon coating of the body: This is an expensive job compared to other services but helpful in preventing corrosion, dullness and adding shine to it.

Checklist to be checked after getting your car back

You have given your car to the external cleaning, and the following things must be checked to get the work done. They do not make a mistake but would have forgotten to do the work mentioned by you.

    • Look for scratches: Most mild scratches would have cleaned and check for any new scratched on the body. Glass can also get subjected to scratches easily. Check them and ask for a replacement.
    • Check for tires, bolts, and bumpers: Tires are often dusted with sand and mud. Check if all the stains are completely removed, and the car has been washed thoroughly. Also, check for cleaned alloys and polish by the compounds.
    • Windscreen wipers and fluid: If you have asked for a change of front lights, backlights, and wipers, check whether they are working before taking your Baleno home. Also, check the wiper liquid is efficient enough to clean the Glass.
    • Check your tires: Check for the air pressure of tires so that you can go longer distances without bumpiness.

It is very easy to look for authorized service centres by searching online. They run websites, and you can compare them for prices and services offered. External cleaning of Baleno can be done easily as there are multiple service centres across the city. Make sure you go through the above lists before leaving your car for service.